Shannon O'Connell


I have ten fingers and ten toes and I love art.
I recently graduated from Rutgers University, Mason Gross: School of the Arts (class of 2012) with BFA in Fine Arts and a concentration in printmaking. I have always loved to draw, but never knew where I could take that skill in order to expand it. After I took my first print class in silkscreen I continued to explore other forms of printmaking such as etching and lithography. From this lovechild of drawing and print came a narrative world of monsters. Often described as “illustrations of a twisted child’s fantasy”, these monsters range from cute to creepy and their world is slowly developing as I further the explorations. When I’m not printing, I’m drawing, painting with gauche, or making comics and I plan to continue to do so until the day my hands fall off. I’m hoping this is not in the near future to say the least.


  • Printmaking
  • Etching
  • Aquatint
  • Stone Lithography
  • Digital Lithography
  • Silk Screen
  • Drawing
  • Gouache Painting


  • Various Printmaking
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Marker Work
  • Graphite Drawings
  • Ink drawings
  • Gouache Painting